21449 Potomac View Rd. 

Sterling, VA 20164



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Our Curriculum

We are integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into our proprietary customized curriculum. We use a cross-curriculum integration program and a collaboration of educational experiences such as STEM, STEM Outdoors, Seeds of Literacy, and Creative Arts. Our cross-curriculum is based on Montessori, Reggio, Creative Curriculum, and Play & Learn! Sterling Christian Day School is committed to establishing strong connections with families, the community and providing an authentic educational experience for all children!

Advance Curriculum

Our Advance Curriculum ensures that every child receives an advance foundation for elementary school. Students that were enrolled in our preschool to pre-k program leave our center ready for Kindergarten. 

Seeds Of Literacy Program 

We are integrating a literacy program that uses a systematic approach to promote language development and literacy skills. 

Creative Arts  

Fostering creativity through art express will help children social and emotional development, cognitive expression and fine motor skills. 

Physical Development  

We give children the opportunity to build large and fine muscle skills that focus on developmental milestones. 

Kindergarten Readiness  

Advance academic integration and Virginia SOL Objectives. Hands on learning for Kindergarten Readiness.